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Principal's Message

Dear Jackson Families:
I am excited and honored to be the Principal of Isabelle Jackson Elementary. The 22-23 school year is going to be amazing. After the past few years of unprecedented craziness, everyone at Isabelle Jackson is committed to providing all our students the same outstanding educational experience you have been provided throughout the school’s history.
22-23 is going to be a year change and growth. Isabelle Jackson is getting a facelift. We are getting a fresh coat of paint on the exterior and every room is getting new paint, carpet, and ceilings. We will be opening our new shade structure on the playground to protect us from the summer sun. We also got a new water bottle filling station to help keep our students hydrated, and at the end of the year we will be getting new blacktop on the parking lot and playgrounds.
In addition to the physical changes, we are excited about some of our personnel changes as well. We have 13 brand new faces at Jackson and several long-time teachers have made changes, taking on different grade-levels. Please welcome: (A-Track) Ms. Joyce Hallig, Kinder; Carinna Maqbool, 5th; (B-track) Lindsey Dotson, 1st; Dallas Whisenant, 3rd; Claire Pierce, 4th; Susan Rath, 5th; (C-Track) Xai Lee, Kinder; Kathleen Collins, 4th; Kerrin Seishas, 5th; (D-Track) Lauren Lopes, 1st; Patrick Thompson, 5th; (PALSS-PreK) Katherine Thompson and Christian Ziegler.
Please say hi and share your smile with everyone at Jackson. We are glad to be here and glad you are here too.
Scott Hadley, Principal