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These links are listed as a courtesy to our web site visitors. While these sites are offered as a resource for our visitors, the Elk Grove Unified School District does not control the information contained in the linked web sites and accepts no liability for any of the information.

Useful Links


K - 3 Links

Chrome Music Lab - This is a great app made by google to spark creativity with students. This will give students access to a lot of sound tools to create music and explore the world of sounds!
Google Auto Draw - A fun drawing app for students trying to practice their drawing skills on the computer! 
Silk - Silk is a great interactive symmetry app. You can create cool pieces of art with just a stroke of the mouse!
Prodigy - Prodigy is one of the most engaging websites for your students to learn math. Students will be transported into a world and go on an adventure solving problems along the way!

For Families


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