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School History
Our school is named for Isabelle Compton Jackson. Mrs. Jackson was an educator in the Florin area and her spirit and dedication still lives on.
Isabelle Compton Jackson was born on November 16, 1895 in Pleasant Grove, Sutter County, California and spent her childhood there. She later attended St. Joseph Academy in Sacramento and graduated with honors. Following this, she studied at Chico State College and, while there, was the first person sent out to do “rural teaching” under the direction of the college.
Her first year of teaching was in Clarksburg, Yolo County and subsequently she taught and then became the principal at Pleasant Grove Union Grammar School in Sutter County. She later took a position at Florin School and remained there for 28 years. Mrs. Jackson became the District Superintendent of the Florin School District and the present Florin Elementary School was built under her direction.
During the building of Florin School, Mrs. Jackson became active with a Legislative Committee on State School Building and was instrumental in helping poor districts receive state aid. Since Florin was a poor district and had a great need for a new and larger school, the District was awarded $88,500.
Mrs. Jackson was very active in the Parent Teachers Association and organized the first PTA in Pleasant Grove. She later helped organize the first PTA in the Florin School District. She was also active in the 4-H. She started, sponsored and led the girls’ group in the Silver Leaf 4-H Club of Florin. She led this group for 17 years.
Mrs. Jackson was an innovative educator and some of her accomplishments are listed below:
  • Instrumental in developing a food program at Florin School which became one of the most successful in Sacramento County.
  • Instituted Parent-Teacher conferences at Florin School through the third grade.
  • Planned and organized the first kindergarten class at Florin and the class was originally held in the basement of the Nazarene Church while the new school was being built.
  • Planned and held summer recreation programs at the new Florin School.
  • Planned and held workshops in the areas of reading, music, and health. Teachers and parents attended the workshops.
  • Charter member of Beta Pi, a Delta Kappa Sorority for women, recognizing them as outstanding educators.
  • Continued her education and attended the University of California and College of the Pacific.
  • Belonged to the Catholic Ladies Relief Fund.
Mrs. Jackson was married to Ralph J. Jackson, a native of south Sacramento County. She was the mother of two daughters and two sons.
The legacy of Mrs. Isabelle Jackson lives on in the Elk Grove Unified School District and we are reaping the benefits of her many accomplishments.

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Parent and Student Handbook/Compact

The Isabelle Jackson Elementary School staff and the parents of the students participating in activities, services, and programs funded by Title I, Part A of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) agree that this compact outlines how the parents, the school staff, and the students will develop a partnership to share the responsibility for improved student academic achievement.

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